Customized Watch Design
Customized watch design is one of the main services offered by OEM and ODM watch factories. The process starts with the client providing their ideas and specifications, which the watch factory then turns into a detailed design plan. Watch factory can create the watch design from scratch, or they can work with the client to modify an existing design. The end goal is to create a watch design that meets the client’s unique needs and preferences.

Customized Watch Case
The watch case is an important part of any watch design, and OEM and ODM watch factories offer a range of customized options for clients. China watches wholesale, The watch factory can create a case that matches the client’s specific size requirements, and they can also create a case that is made from the client’s preferred materials, such as 904L / 316L stainless steel, Damascus steel, carbon fiber, CUSN8 Tin bronze,titanium, or ceramic and other material. Additionally, the factory can create a case that is unique in shape, color, or finish.