Quality Control

As an OEM & ODM watch making factory, Aigell Watch maker places a great emphasis on the quality control process of customized watches. Every watch is unique, and ensuring that it meets the customer’s expectations requires a strict and comprehensive QC process. In this article, we will discuss the steps involved in Aigell Watch Factory’s QC process for customized watches.

Step 1: Incoming Material Inspection
The first step in the QC process is the incoming material inspection. This involves checking all the raw materials such as watch movements, cases, dials, hands, straps, and buckles, to ensure that they meet the required specifications. Any defects or quality issues are immediately reported to the supplier for resolution.

Step 2: Production Inspection
The second step is the production inspection, which involves checking the watches at various stages of production. Aigell Watch Factory’s skilled QC team carefully inspects each watch during assembly to ensure that all components are correctly fitted, and there are no visible defects.

Step 3: Functionality Testing
The third step is functionality testing. This involves checking that the watch functions correctly, including its accuracy, water-resistance, and any additional features such as chronographs or date displays. Any issues discovered during this stage are addressed immediately.

Step 4: Visual Inspection
The fourth step is a visual inspection, which involves checking the watch’s appearance for any defects or imperfections. This includes checking the quality of the finish, the alignment of the dial, hands, and markers, and the readability of the watch face. Any cosmetic issues are addressed before the watch is approved for shipping.

Step 5: Final Inspection
The final step in the QC process is the final inspection. This is the last opportunity to catch any issues before the watch is shipped to the customer. Aigell Watch Factory‘s QC team inspects each watch again to ensure that it meets all the customer’s specifications and quality requirements.

Aigell Watch Factory’s commitment to quality is reflected in its strict QC process for customized watches. By following these steps, we ensure that our customers receive high-quality watches that meet their exact specifications. Our skilled QC team works tirelessly to ensure that every watch is thoroughly inspected, and any issues are addressed before the watch is shipped to the customer. At Aigell Watch Factory, we take pride in our QC process and are confident that our watches meet the highest standards of quality.

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